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Walk-In Shower Installation in Toledo, OH

When it comes to your everyday life, space is always a nice thing to have. With a wide area to relax, unwind, and simply meditate, it is no wonder that having a room of your own is so valued. Why not extend that luxury to your everyday spaces? Our plumbing contractor offers a wealth of remodeling and renovation options to help you get the most out of your bathroom. Consider a walk-in shower installation in Toledo, Ohio. Our contractors will work with you to make your bathroom a brighter, more spacious component of your home.

Walk-In Shower Installation in Toledo, OH

The Benefits of a Walk-In Bathing Area

A “walk-in shower” is defined as any waterproofed bathing area which has no doors. This enables users to simply walk into the defined space to bathe or take a shower. In lieu of a door, the area is normally partitioned by a glass screen. The bathtub may also be replaced with a low-profile liner. Other popular configurations dispense with the liner entirely and simply reinforce the tile with a waterproofed material--thereby making the floor flush with the rest of the bathroom. This type of “enclosure” has a wealth of benefits, listed below:

More Space: A walk-in shower area gives bathrooms the appearance of more space, since there are no bulky doors, curtains, or liners breaking up the area. The openness of a walk-in bathing area can instill a calming ambience. This makes this configuration great for very small bathrooms.

Accessibility: Since the walk-in shower is so open, it also means it is easier for older and younger occupants to use. The free-form layout makes taking a shower safer for the elderly. Gone are the days of lifting a leg over the tub face and risking a fall. Walk-in showers encourage better mobility.

Everyday Maintenance: Walk-in bathing areas require very little cleaning since there are no doors or hinges to scrub. Simply keep an eye on the glass screen, showerhead, and related hardware to keep your bathing area looking great. Since the floor is flush with the rest of the bathroom, it simply requires the same kind of care you would apply for the rest of the room.

Design and Resale Value: One of the biggest selling points for any homebuyer is the kitchen and bathroom. Making an upgrade to a walk-in shower will make your property more attractive in the listings. Of course, you can make your space a part of your home now by exploring your interior design options. The minimal footprint of this shower area enables a wide variety of options.

Durability: With fewer parts to look after and maintain, a walk-in shower will serve you well for years. That means you spend less time cleaning and checking for problems, and more time living your life.

Let Us Complete your Walk-In Shower Replacement

When it’s time to plan your bathroom remodeling project, let us be your guide. Our company is available to perform walk-in shower replacement and installation services. Whether as a single installation or as part of a whole-bathroom renovation, we have the resources and expertise to make your design plans a reality.

Contact us to improve your bathroom with walk-in shower installation. We proudly serve customers in Toledo, Perrysburg, Maumee, Sylvania, and Oregon, Ohio, and surrounding communities.