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Backflow Service in Toledo, OH

Keep your water flowing in the right direction. Backflow refers to water flowing in the opposite direction of where it’s supposed to go through a plumbing system. In other words, it’s when dirty water goes into clean water lines. This is dangerous and a health hazard, because it contaminates drinking water and renders it unsafe. Dirty water can carry pesticides, fertilizer, feces, chemicals, and other toxins. Our professional backflow service crew is here to keep your water clean.

 We’re licensed and certified for backflow installation, repairs, and testing. Whether you’ve noticed a problem and need qualified workers to fix it or you just want to check that everything’s in good shape, we’re your go-to for all of it. Our team can install top-notch prevention systems and perform backflow repair whenever they malfunction. Whatever your plumbing needs, we can do.

Backflow Plumbing in Toledo, OH

Our Backflow Plumbing Service Could Save Your Life

Nothing is more important to your and your family’s health and survival than the water that all of you drink. Even one small contaminant can make people very sick, and some are fatal. Taking chances with something so precious as life and health simply isn’t worth the risk. Hiring our expert backflow plumbing service is the best way to be sure that what you’re drinking is safe.

We’ve worked with all systems in all types of homes and know clean water when we see it.The most obvious sign of problems are leaks in the system or water that looks unusual, but there are some issues that only a trained eye can see. That’s why an annual inspection is so important; you could be drinking contaminated water and not even know it. Even if you’re sure your system is working fine, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Stay Legal and in the Know With Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is required by local and state municipalities to ensure the devices used to prevent it are working well. We’re the perfect resource to keep your home and plumbing system within all local and state requirements. Our contractors have worked in this industry for years and know exactly how the system is meant to work. If there are any problems, we’ll find them.

This service is usually only needed once a year, but of course every home and system is different. Our contractors can let you know how often you should have your valves inspected to stay in compliance with the law. If you notice any problems, especially in your drinking water, let us know immediately and we’ll come right over.

Contact us to get your water flowing forward. We service backflow prevention systems in Toledo, Perrysburg, Maumee, Sylvania, and Oregon, Ohio, and neighboring communities.