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Tub and Shower Replacement in Toledo, OH

One of the great things about a bathroom remodeling project is the distinct opportunity to redefine a space and make it your own. Likewise, changing the scenery is a great way to improve property values--or even add a bit more functionality and convenience for your family and guests. When it’s time to start that next project, count on us to make your vision a reality. Our plumbing contractors are available to conduct total tub and shower replacement in Toledo, Ohio, as well as the surrounding area. Our company can also perform shower and tub repair services.

On the surface, your bathing area is subjected to water, moisture, and staining on an everyday basis. While routine cleaning can keep your shower and tub looking new, it is understandable to want to consider an upgrade. Are you expanding your bathroom? Do you need a more accessible tub to accommodate the elderly? Or, do you simply wish for a new way to set the tone for your bathroom? If you have answered “yes” to any of these scenarios, consider replacing your tub and shower configuration. We’ll help you get started.

Tub and Shower Replacement in Toledo, OH

Redefining Your Investment

As one of the most-used fixtures in the bathroom, it makes sense to consider your options when upgrading your shower or tub. A new configuration can help unify your room’s visual appeal, which can increase resale value and a sense of pride. From a practical perspective, a new tub or shower space can make it easier for you and your family to make the most out of your space, improve accessibility, and even provide more safety. New tub liners, for example, can include a textured floor and rails to help maintain balance.

Transform your shower space into a place for rest and relaxation. Designing a new area also allows you to replace the tile walls with new designs and colors. Likewise, a new shower liner enables a wealth of utility options that improve organization. Feel free to explore your options with our plumbing contractor and craft a unique space.

Repair Services Also Available

Over time, materials like tile and grout can lose their effectiveness. If you notice leaks or the infiltration of mildew despite cleaning, it may be time to consider a shower or tub replacement. Our plumbers can make an accurate assessment of your installation to determine the best course of action. We’ll stop leaks and replace grout, or conduct a total replacement of the tile or liner.

Showers provide convenience. So if something breaks, it is important to consider a shower repair service to ensure your plumbing system remains efficient and enclosed. We replace shower heads and fix faucets. If your installation includes a door, we can also conduct glass replacement so your bathing area remains private and safe to access.

Contact us to request a consultation for your tub and shower replacement. We serve customers in Toledo, Perrysburg, Maumee, Sylvania, and Oregon, Ohio, and surrounding communities.